The Herbicider is the ultimate sprayer, when it comes to weed control. Having a front mount boom system makes visibility the best in its class. With the optional electric/hydraulic valve system, hookup time is a breeze, and can have you up and running in as little as 5 minutes. This option also requires only 1 hydraulic remote, and allows you to raise, lower, extend, and retract each boom individually. With no less than 6 feet of adjustment, this sprayer is ready to tackle any row spacing you may have.

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Deliver Larger Volumes at a Higher Quality With Less Work

Improve Productivity

Harvest crops more efficiently and yield as much profit as possible by using farm equipment that is reliable and requires less manual labour.

Improve Productivity

Due to improved productivity, you will be able to deliver higher quality products to your packing house.

Improve Productivity

Tractors and equipment break down. This impacts harvest efficiency, increases the cost, and yields a lower quality product. We can help.

Improve Productivity

Loss of productivity from mechanical failures causes increased stress, loss of revenue, and loss of time that could be spent with the important people - your family.

  • Bolt on Front Tank Mount

    Bolt on Front Tank Mount

  • Hydraulic Hookup

    Hydraulic Hookup

  • Great Visibility

    Great Visibility

  • Front Tank Mount

    Front Tank Mount

  • Front Tank Mount

    Front Tank Mount

  • Electronics Hookup

    Electronics Hookup

  • Electric Hydraulic Valve Bank

    Electric Hydraulic Valve Bank

  • Weatherproof Sprayer controls

    Weatherproof Sprayer controls

  • Booms only

    Booms only

  • Sprayer with loader mount

    Sprayer with loader mount

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