The Front Tank is an all-in-one herbicide application system designed for modern farmers who prioritize efficiency, visibility, and control. Engineered to provide unparalleled service, this Front Tank is easily attachable to a wide range of farming equipment, offering flexible options for various farming needs. With a compact design that fits on a traditional pallet, it’s as easy to transport as it is to use.


  • Quick Hookup Time Due to All-in-one Design
  • Superior Visibility
  • Weatherproof Control Box
  • Individual Boom Control
  • Equipped With Breakaways
  • Up To 6 Feet of Width Adjustment
  • Compact Design (fits on traditional pallet)
  • 1 Hydraulic Remote Required

Key Features

Quick Hookup Time Due to All-in-one Design
No more hours of hassle trying to get multiple components to work in harmony. The Front Tank’s all-in-one design ensures that you can hook it up and start working in no time. Everything you need is incorporated into this user-friendly, streamlined system, slashing setup times and getting you back to what matters most: farming.
Superior Visibility
With a design focused on maximum visibility, the Front Tank allows operators to easily see the boom and nozzle spray, ensuring precise application and minimizing waste. Never again worry about blind spots or inaccurate spraying—what you see is what you get.
Weatherproof Control Box
Keep your electronics safe and sound, rain or shine. While our weatherproof controls protect sensitive components from the elements, please note that herbicide application should not be performed in rainy conditions.
Individual Boom Control
Want to spray in specific areas without affecting adjacent crops? With individual boom control, you can easily manage where you apply herbicides, giving you maximum control over the application process.

Equipped With Breakaways

Accidents happen, especially in the unpredictable world of farming. The Spray Booms are equipped with breakaways to prevent equipment damage in the event of an obstacle collision. These safety measures protect your investment and ensure that you can continue working with minimal downtime.

UP TO 6 Feet of Width Adjustment

The Front Tank offers up to 6 feet of width adjustment for its boom, providing you the flexibility to work in various field conditions. Whether you’re dealing with narrow rows or wider plots, this system has got you covered.
Compact Design (fits on traditional pallet)
The Front Tank’s compact dimensions mean it can fit on a traditional pallet for easy transportation and storage. This feature is especially useful for farms with limited space or for those who need to frequently transport their equipment between different locations. The pallet-compatible design is also advantageous for customers who are out of province or out of country and are interested in shipping a sprayer to their farm location.
1 Hydraulic Remote Required

Simplify your operations with just a single hydraulic remote for full system control. No need for multiple remotes or complex configurations; the Front Mounted Herbicide Sprayer is designed for ease of use from the ground up.


The Front the Front Mounted Herbicide Sprayer is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a complete solution for your herbicide application needs. With its quick hookup time, individual boom control, and weatherproof features, it offers reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind in one package. Say goodbye to the challenges and inefficiencies of older systems and step into the future of farming with the Front Tank.

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